World Water Day 2023

Accelerating change in agriculture for sustainable water management.

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Water is the most precious resource and necessity we have on our planet, and yet for many it is still a luxury. On March 22, the UN’s World Water Day, we face daunting global challenges regarding access to freshwater that is needed to ensure food security and sanitation. This year’s theme is ‘Accelerating change’ and the agricultural sector, which consumes the majority of the world’s freshwater each year, bears a great responsibility to help transform how water is used around the world.

Everyone must be part of the change, and the agriculture industry has a key role to play: distributors, manufacturers, storefronts, and growers. We in Rovensa Next are determined to be a leading part of the solution, empowering farmers to solve their sustainability challenges and improve water management with our holistic platform of biosolutions, whether their need be for flood or drought.

An example of this is our readily biodegradable solution ‘Transformer’ that facilitates efficient water management and boosts soil responsiveness. In its UN World Water Development Report 2022i, the UN highlights that groundwater is a critical resource for irrigated agriculture, livestock farming and other agricultural activities.

“In order to meet global water and agricultural demands by 2050, including an estimated 50% increase in food, feed and biofuel demand relative to 2012 levels, it is of critical importance to increase agricultural productivity through the sustainable intensification of groundwater abstraction, while decreasing the water and environmental footprints of agricultural production”, says the report.

In this way, Transformer, as new generation product, acts as effective water optimizer that improves hydraulic properties such as water infiltration, distribution, and drainage. Its exclusive formulation reduces water surface tension and waterlogging in compacted areas, as well as enhancing conductivity and water retention.

Transformer Rovensa Next

Like many of our Rovensa Next biosolutions, it has multiple benefits, like enhancing root microbiota, developing healthy, strong roots which improves nutritional balance intake, improving fertiliser distribution and efficiency, and increasing yields. This translates into a more efficient use of water resources.

It is the perfect ally for all type or crops. When applied to soil, it facilitates uniform spreading and distribution through micro pore spaces, enhancing soil aeration, thus enabling water to spread over a larger area, displacing more CO2 and increasing h2O levels, which are essential for microbes and roots.

At Rovensa Next, as part of Rovensa Group, we are committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Farm to Fork strategy and Common Agricultural Policy, that requires growers to use water in a safe, sustainable way to protect it as an essential natural resource.

We aimed to shape the sustainable future of agriculture and drive its biotransformation, and water is a key element of this equation. Growers not only need to adapt their practices to the changing environment that is worsening due to climate change, but they also need to ensure their farms are productive to meet the growing food demand. Our approach is to be right by their side on the ground, researching and developing the right solutions for the crops and the consumers to accelerate the necessary change in agriculture.

World Water Day 2023 Rovensa Next Accelerating change

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