Amifol K

Concentrated potassium fertiliser for high quality fruit finish with enhanced uptake due to anti-blocking agent.

Enhances fruit quality, weight and skin colour.
Increases yield while maintaining or increasing °Brix.
Formulated to have the highest absorption range of any Potassium (K) fertiliser.
Low scorch risk due to salt index 60% less than KNO3 and 75% less than K Sulfate.
Point of Deliquescence (POD) is 40% humidity compared to > 90% for KNO3 & K Sulfate.

Amifol K is a globally proven concentrated Potassium fertiliser that has low salt index and is free from nitrates and chlorides, minimising scorch risk.

The solution contains a cation blocker which reduces the antagonism of Calcium and Magnesium cations dissolved in the spray water that can reduce Potassium absorption.

Uptake of Amifol K is further enhanced due to the formulation that allows the Potassium to be absorbed at lower air humidity than other Potassium formulations.

Amifol K is recommended after fruit set, until pre-harvest and is suitable for use in all crops particularly salad leaves, vegetables and orchard crops. It is recommended for foliar applications and also suitable for drip application. *

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