Concentrated L-α Free Amino Acid - Efficient rooting and growth stimulation solution; abiotic stress reliever for consistent crop production.

Promotes root formation, by activating the root system and stimulating the growth
Boosts plant development during the initial stages of the vegetative cycle
Efficient anti-stress effect in adverse climatic conditions (hydric or thermal stress, etc) due to the content of active L-α Free Amino Acid
Curactive abiotic stress reliever, especially when applied during or after abiotic stress events.

Intake is a highly concentrated L-α free amino acid biostimulant that relieves abiotic stress in the crop when applied during or after stress events via its Curactive effect.

Effect of Intake on Shoots / Fruits
– Amino acids have a natural biostimulant effect, increasing plant vigour
– Plant stress is reduced during key growth stages such as leaf emergence, blossoming and fruit set

Intake can be applied to the soil via fertigation or as a foliar spray at any stage of the crop. Target applications around key events like germination / transplanting, early vegetative growth, before and after flowering, fruit set and post-harvest. Multiple small applications are preferable to a single large application.**

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