Micronized concentrated liquid calcium for better quality crops

Calcium particle in Nanocal are milled to an average of 0.7µm (microns) compared to a range of 3-80µm for other calcium products
Quickly and easily absorbed because of extremely small size of calcium particles (<1µm)
Cell remains strong and help prevent cracking - Calcium acts as a binding agent of adjacent cell walls during fruit development stage
Better quality crops

Better quality Crops

Nanocal is a liquid product with calcium particles milled to less than 1 micron in size. This micronized particle
size addresses some of the shortcomings of larger sized calcium particles found in other products.

The unique formulation of  Nanocal improves calcium levels in the crop which imparts smooth and shiny skin, and quality of fruits

Free from Nitrate, Chloride and Sulphate, makes safe to use in all crop stages.

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