Nutricomplex Gold 0-9-46

Unique water soluble NPKL with anti-stress osmotic balancer that contains high Potassium for maximum fruit fill and increased fruit quantity

Increased yield through larger and better quality fruits with less waste when harvesting
Osmotic balancer acts in synergy with Potassium to maximize resistance to hydric stress
Potassium also helps plant to regulate water use especially in drought situations
Molybdenum prevents late season accumulation of excess nitrate in the leaf tissue
European manufacture and quality guarantee

NPK with high % Potassium for quality fruit and vegetable production

100% water soluble NPK fertilizer with Osmotic Balancer and Organic Parcel
NPK with high % Potassium for quality fruit and vegetable production
Potassium is the most important nutrient for fruit fill and fruit quality. Plants need more Potassium than any other nutrient, with the exception of Nitrogen
Molybdenum to enable Nitrogen metabolism in Plants via nitrate reductase
Ideal for fertigation and also suitable for foliar application

To ensure quality fruit, Nitrogen applications should be reduced as the season progresses and Potassium applications should be increased. Phosphorus is required during fruit set and fill to enable production and movement of sugars to the fruits and to prevent developmental disorders. Molybdenum is needed for correct Nitrogen use by plants and increases legume nodulation.

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