Phostrade Ca

Providing energy for growth. Concentrated solution of Phosphorus fertilizer with calcium.

Phostrade Ca provides Phosphorus and Calcium to the plant
Phosphorus is the generator of cellular division which is very active from petal fall to fruit setting
Calcium is an essential component of the cellular membrane, providing rigidity and elasticity to it
P and Ca work in synergy on fruit formation and quality : hardness, density, resistance to bruising and popping, less internal and external damages

Concentrated solution of Phosphorus fertilizer with calcium - Provides energy for growth

Phostrade Ca is a liquid fertiliser formulated with Phosphorous (P) and Calcium (Ca) provides Phosphorus and Calcium to the plant
Phostrade Ca helps to address nutritional disorders linked to Calcium deficiency, such as bitter pit or marginal necrosis. Moreover, the quality of the fruit and its skin favours the correct preservation of fruit and vegetables

The product is water soluble and can be absorbed directly through the leaves
Can be used for both foliar application as well as through soil

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