The premier Certified Organic Iron (Fe) EDDHA rapidly soluble chelate to prevent & correct Iron chlorosis in all soils, 100% water soluble microgranule.

Fast acting, yet with a prolonged persistence due to an optimum balance between the ortho-ortho and ortho-para chelate isomers
100% soluble microgranule (WG) for rapid & instantaneous solubility without foaming, keeping tanks clean
Suitable for use in drip, sprinkler, direct soil, substrate & hydroponic applications
Compatible with most commonly used fertilisers and agrochemicals
High efficiency at low dose rates
Production system certified to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
Organic certified product

Ultraferro is a premium certified organic 100% soluble microgranule, with 6% EDDHA chelated Iron, with a minimum 4.2% of it in the ortho-ortho position, that is recommended for the prevention and correction of Iron deficiency in all crops. Ultraferro is suitable for application in organic and conventional agriculture in all acidic, alkaline and calcareous soils with a pH of 3 – 11, and also suitable for use in hydroponics. *

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