Bio AG Congress Rio de Janeiro Rovensa Next Global Partner Sponsor

Rovensa Next as Global Partner Sponsor during the 4th BioAg World Congress in Brazil

Rovensa Next to propel sustainable agriculture conversation at 4th BioAg World Congress in Brazil

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• Rovensa Next is the Congress Global Partner of the 4th BioAg World Congress, where the company will present on three innovative research projects that highlight sustainable solutions for agriculture.

• Company Strategic Advisor, Carlos Ledó will take part in the CEO Roundtable to discuss challenges and opportunities of leadership in BioAg companies.

• The company will also present the BioAg Innovator Award, which will be given to projects selected as winners by the conference attendees.

MADRID, 28 April 2023 – From May 2-5, the agricultural industry’s top companies will come together in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil for the 4th BioAg World Congress, a leading global event “created by the industry, for the industry”. Rovensa Next, the biosolutions business unit of Rovena Group with the mission of shaping a more sustainable future for agriculture and driving its biotransformation, will play a large role at the event as the Congress Global Partner Sponsor and lead the conversation in innovative research and biosolutions to support growers around the world in solving their sustainability challenges.

Rovensa Next experts will be onsite introducing the company’s global portfolio of bionutrition, biostimulant, biocontrol and bioenhancer products, offering farmers holistic inputs solutions aimed at guaranteeing yield and performance, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

“Rovensa Next is dedicated to research and innovation to shape a more sustainable future for agriculture, and we are driven by the real sustainability challenges of farmers and distributors. We are presenting innovative projects at BioAg World Congress that exemplify who we are as a brand and the sustainable change we aim to bring to the agriculture sector,” shares Dr Johanna Pérez, Global R&D Product Design Manager.

In addition to the booth, as the Congress Global Partner, Rovensa Next will also take part in the exciting line-up of events throughout the four-day conference, in which three colleagues will present findings of some of the company’s most innovative and pioneering projects including:

Wednesday, 3 May, 12:00: Eli Oliveira, Special Projects Manager, Brazil: Synergistic and compatible action between PREV-AM® and beneficial microorganisms for integrated pest management.

Wednesday, 3 May, 18:15: Dr Johanna Pérez, Global R&D Product Design Manager: BIOTOOL, innovative solution for water efficiency management identifying biostimulant effects under drought.

Thursday, 4 May, 9:00: Rafael Nunes, Industrial Associate Director, Brazil: Synergistic action of biological nitrogen fixation and phosphorous solubilization in soybean crop.

“With recent geopolitical issues, it has become evident that food production in Brazil is highly dependent on imported fertilisers, and as a result, there have been rising prices and supply chain issues for phosphate-based fertilisers. What we aimed to do with this study, as part of our commitment to bring innovative and more sustainable biosolutions for plant nutrition to market, was develop an environmentally-friendly and effective solution for growers that is not impacted by geopolitical factors,” explains Nunes.

Oliveira echoes the sentiment: “We have a great challenge in the world: to produce food in sufficient quantities to feed all people. But more than that, we need to produce safe food without waste and protect natural resources such as insects and beneficial microorganisms. With these projects, we are able to produce safe, quality food with the lowest environmental impact, allowing growers to meet the market demands.”

On Day 4, titled the “Business Day” of the conference, executives from some of the leading companies in the sector will join for a CEO roundtable, in which they will discuss leadership challenges in BioAg companies and advice for others in the industry. Rovensa Next Strategic Advisor, Carlos Ledó will represent the company in the day’s closing session.

“We have seen great growth in the industry and a real desire for sustainable solutions for agriculture. The need and the recognition are there, so we are excited about the opportunity we have to drive the industry forward in a more sustainable manner. What better place to do it than Brazil, which is one of the fastest growing markets for biological agricultural inputs”, concludes Carlos Ledó.

Rovensa Next will also sponsor the Gala Dinner and present the BioAg Innovator Award, which will be voted on by the conference attendees following the presentations given throughout the congress.

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About Rovensa Next

Rovensa Next is the biosolutions business unit of Rovensa Group, creating a holistic platform of innovative biosolutions to shape a sustainable future for agriculture and drive its bio-transformation.

The business unit is comprised of more than 3,000 employees around the globe with a sales presence in over 90 countries. Betting on sustainability, innovation, and technical expertise, Rovensa Next unites a global network of 30 R&D laboratories, excellence centres, fields, and greenhouses; 14 production plants; more than 84 partnerships with research centres and universities; 100 R&D and innovation specialists; and a dedicated team of more than 850 field experts.

Rovensa Next aggregates ten sustainable pioneer Rovensa Group companies, with long and proud legacies in bionutrition and biocontrol management: Agrichembio, Agrotecnologia, Idai Nature, Microquimica, MIP Agro, Oro Agri, OGT, Rodel, SDP, and Tradecorp. As one brand, Rovensa Next will house a balanced portfolio of bionutrition, biostimulant, biocontrol and bioenhancer products, offering farmers holistic inputs solutions aimed at guaranteeing yield and performance, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

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