Rovensa Next joins ABIM 2023 to discuss novel biocontrol solutions and regulations

Rovensa Next joins ABIM 2023 to discuss novel biocontrol solutions and regulations

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  • Rovensa Next will join the biocontrol industry’s premier global meeting from 23 – 25 October 2023 held in Basel, Switzerland as Platinum Sponsor.

  • The company will give a presentation on their innovative R&D approach that will help to drive the biotransformation of agriculture.

  • Visit Rovensa Next at Stand 90 to learn more about the company’s biocontrol solutions.


MADRID, 19 October 2023 – From 23-25 October, the biocontrol industry’s top companies will reunite in Basel, Switzerland for the industry’s most important congress, the Annual Biocontrol Industry Meeting (ABIM). Two companies that for years have been a part of ABIM, known for their disruptive and effective biocontrol solutions, Idai Nature and Oro Agri, will join ABIM this year for the first time as part of Rovensa Next, the global biosolutions business unit of Rovensa Group made up of ten leading biosolutions companies. Rovensa Next joins the congress as a Platinum Sponsor and will be participating in the discussions on the latest updates in regulations and science in biocontrol.

Rovensa Next joins ABIM 2023 to discuss novel biocontrol solutions and regulations

Laurent Gouzou, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Rovensa Next shares: “This congress is critical for all companies working on biocontrol solutions to discuss the latest in industry regulations. Not only do we talk about what we are experiencing here in Europe, but the meeting also allows us to understand the advances globally. It’s important for us to be here as Rovensa Next from a regulatory perspective as we are working to register our biocontrol solutions around the world that allow us to help growers in their sustainability journeys while complying with the latest regulations.”

Rovensa Next experts will be onsite introducing the company’s global portfolio of biosolutions, offering growers nature-based input solutions aimed at efficiently managing pests and diseases while promoting sustainable crop management.

In a talk on 24 October, Ignacio de Alfonso, Global Scientific and Technical Manager, Rovensa Next, will also be sharing some of the latest research developments from the company in the biocontrol space, particularly its strategy of combining two or more bio-based active ingredients into a single formula to achieve synergistic performance. With this method, Rovensa Next is offering growers a more natural solution for crop protection.

“Rovensa Next aims to drive the biotransformation of the agricultural industry, and with this approach that we will be presenting at ABIM, we are able to provide bio-based solutions for an industry that historically has been chemically-based. This means that we are not only supporting growers in their sustainability challenges but opening new doors for the sector that will create a more sustainable future for agriculture,” says de Alfonso.

As the biocontrol industry’s most important congress, ABIM serves as a platform for companies to share knowledge and best practices, allowing the industry to work together to advance our shared mission of developing environmentally-friendly solutions for agriculture.


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About Rovensa Next

Rovensa Next is the biosolutions business unit of Rovensa Group, creating a holistic platform of innovative biosolutions to shape a sustainable future for agriculture and drive its bio-transformation.

The business unit is comprised of more than 3,000 employees around the globe with a sales presence in over 90 countries. Betting on sustainability, innovation, and technical expertise, Rovensa Next unites a global network of 30 R&D laboratories, excellence centres, fields, and greenhouses; 14 production plants; more than 84 partnerships with research centres and universities; 100 R&D and innovation specialists; and a dedicated team of more than 850 field experts.

Rovensa Next aggregates ten sustainable pioneer Rovensa Group companies, with long and proud legacies in bionutrition and biocontrol management: Agrichembio, Agrotecnologia, Idai Nature, Microquimica, MIP Agro, Oro Agri, OGT, Rodel, SDP, and Tradecorp. As one brand, Rovensa Next will house a balanced portfolio of bionutrition, biocontrol and bioadjuvants products, offering farmers holistic inputs solutions aimed at guaranteeing yield and performance, and promoting sustainable agriculture practices.

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