Agricultural Biostimulants.

Products that stimulate natural plant processes to improve nutrient use efficiency.

They improve abiotic stress tolerance, soil quality and nutrient availability.

Humistar WG

Humistar WG

Concentrated humic and fulvic acids, 100% rapidly soluble micro-granule.

Oro B__

Oro B

Liquid foliar Boron with organic complexing agent Boron Ethanolamine to maximise bioavailability

phylgreen 200

Phylgreen 200

Seaweed extract for stress prevention and plant development.



The ultra-efficient biostimulant obtained from an exclusive and sustainable plant fermentation.


Turbo Root WG

Complete starter biosolution containing Humic Acids, L-α Free Amino Acids, NPK and EDTA micro-nutrients



Concentrated plant-based L-α free amino acids plant stress relieving biostimulant for enhanced crop production

Discover our high-performance bionutrition solutions, adjuvants and correctors for each stage of your crops’ life cycle.

Agricultural Bionutrition

Agricultural Biocontrol

Agricultural Adjuvants and Correctors

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