Agricultural Nutrition.

Products that provide specific nutrients needed by the plant during the phenological stages.

They correct specific nutrient deficiencies that help the plant to achieve its yield potential.

Amifol K_

Amifol K

Concentrated potassium fertiliser for high quality fruit finish with enhanced uptake due to anti-blocking agent.



Calcium, Nitrogen and Magnesium to prevent Calcium Deficiency disorders in fruit and vegetables



Concentrated L-α Free Amino Acid - Efficient rooting and growth stimulation solution; abiotic stress reliever for consistent crop production.



Micronized concentrated liquid calcium for better quality crops

NCG 0-9-46

Nutricomplex Gold 0-9-46

Unique water soluble NPKL with anti-stress osmotic balancer that contains high Potassium for maximum fruit fill and increased fruit quantity

NCG 6-27-0

Nutricomplex Gold 6-27-00

NP 6-27 Fertilizer with Sulphur and Micronutrients for application during vegetative growth, before flowering and after fruit setting

Phostrade Ca_

Phostrade Ca

Providing energy for growth. Concentrated solution of Phosphorus fertilizer with calcium.

TC AZ Fresco

Tradecorp AZ Fresco

Premium 6 micronutrient chemical mix of EDTA chelates as 100% soluble micro-granule to prevent & correct multiple deficiencies.

Turbofert 11-39-09 OroBloom

Turbofert 11:39:09 Oro Bloom

Water soluble NPK 11:39:09 fertilizer with TE for better flowering and fruit setting

Turbofert 6-11-39 OroFill

Turbofert 6:11:39 Oro Fill

Water soluble NPK 6:11:39 fertilizer with TE for better fruit fill and maturity

Turbofert Oro Top

Turbofert Oro Top

Premium micronutrient chemical mix of EDTA chelates with Zinc and Iron, 100% soluble microgranule



The premier Certified Organic Iron (Fe) EDDHA rapidly soluble chelate to prevent & correct Iron chlorosis in all soils, 100% water soluble microgranule.

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